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Handcrafted Royal Elite Fragrance EDP Perfume 100ml and Premium Deodorant| (2 Items in the one set)

Handcrafted Royal Elite Fragrance EDP Perfume 100ml and Premium Deodorant| (2 Items in the one set)

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Item Form Liquid
combo Volume 265 Millilitres
Scent Musk
Special Feature Scented
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Laxminarayn ambekar

Laxminarayn madhukar ambekar bahandara district bahandara Maharashtra India

Babu sb

Handcrafted Royal Elite Fragrance EDP Perfume 100ml and Premium Deodorant| (2 Items in the one set)

Rahulsaroj Saroj


Shagulhameed Hamed

Handcrafted Royal Elite Fragrance EDP Perfume 100ml and Premium Deodorant| (2 Items in the one set)

Prashant Chavan

Not to storg

  • Perfume Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 13 x 6 x 5 cm
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ My Fragrance
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ Royal
  • Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ India
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 365 g
  • Perfume Net Quantity ‏ : ‎ 100.0 millilitre
  • Deo Net Quantity ‏ : ‎ 165 millilitre
  • Generic Name ‏ : ‎ Perfume - Eau De Parfum
Royal EDP Perfume
Perfume for men
handblended perfume
Royal perfume
  • Made with the highest-quality ingredients, ROYAL Men's Perfume is a great deodorising formula to refresh your body and prevent sweaty smell from body.
  • Our fragrance’s one and only scent remains throughout the day, providing a signature aroma for as long as possible. The irresistible notes will undoubtedly draw others towards you.
  • For the generation that dreams big and For the leaders of tomorrow, My Fragrance launched Royal perfume for Royal Man.
  • Nine top ingredients that make the Impulse EDP have been blended into three layers.Geranium Oil, Bergamot Oil, Tagetus Oil &Black Pepper Oil are at the top, while , Rose Oil,Coriander Oil, Pink pepper oil , D.H.L linalool and Basil Oil constitute the middle layer. The last or bottom layer is Guico Oil, Black muck,white amber and patchouli.
  • All these elements are known for their freshness and rejuvenating powers bringing in an exotic earthly tone.
  • Long-Lasting & High Quality Fragrance: Royal Perfume for Men have a long lasting smell, are unique and masculine. It is a high quality fragrance that lingers long enough to attract the ones you want and makes you absolutely irresistible.

How do I choose the right perfume for myself?

A: There are hundreds of perfumes in the market. And choosing the right one is often a very difficult task. Normally, the fragrances that appeal to us have a strong and long-lasting emotional connection with us. There is no logical formula to help you find the right perfume that appeal to your senses.


How many different fragrances can I try at the same time?

A: Ideally not more than three. Every fragrance has a certain tone and character that appeal to our senses differently. However, such differences are not clearly marked or distinguished. So, smelh4ng a lot of perfume at once may confuse your senses, and they might smell all the same after a point.


What is the right way to test a new fragrance?

A: Very simple. Just spray h4ghtly on the back of your hand near the wrist. Wait for a few seconds. Let the fragrance spread on your hand and then smell h4ghtly. Don’t smell at once. Be gentle and let the perfume overwhelm your senses.


I don’t want to try a perfume on my skin. What is the alternate way?

A: If you don’t want to spray it on your skin, take a small piece of blotting paper and spray as h4ght as possible on that. Just sh4ghtly wave your hand in air for a few seconds with that paper and then smell gently.


How can I store my perfume for a long time?

A: A Perfume bottle should always be kept in a codiv dry place, away from sunh4ght or any source of heat. High temperature and sunh4ght disturbs the deh4cate balance of essential oils used in that fragrance. No matter how expensive a perfume is, it gradually fades once the bottle is opened. So, try to keep it in a closed drawer or inside an wardrobe.


Where on my body should I apply a perfume?

A: Apply your favourite perfume on those parts of your body which are warm and have good blood flow in them. That is because the sh4ght warmth of human body diffuses and magnifies a perfume. Try the pulse points on your body or areas such as the base of your throat, the nape of your neck or your navel.


Where else apart from my skin I can use my perfume?

A: If fragrances make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, use them to your best advantage. You can try different methods h4ke spraying the perfume h4ghtly on your comb and using that comb to brush your hair, spraying on your cloth and then ironing or putting a few drops of it in water and rinsing your h4ngerie in that scented water.


If I open a bottle of perfume, how long would that last?

A: It depends on the perfume and which family it belongs to. If it’s citrus-based or h4ttle lemony in flavour, it would not last more than six months, because all perfume deteriorates with time. On the other hand, if your perfume belongs to the floral family, it may last until one year and half from the day of opening the bottle.


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